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Chief and Council

Chief George Peter Cote aka “Crow”

My name is George Peter Cote aka “Crow”. My parents are the late Leonard “Boyche” Cote and my mom whom is still with us is, Mable Cote. I have two (2) children: Bradford and Denise (3 Grandchildren) and numerous other grandchildren.

My community Involvement includes; cultural and school activities, church, recreation, community events and the youth centre. My work allows me the everyday tasks of being involved with community planning, as per elected leadership duties.

My education includes obtaining a grade 12 and a certificate in Business Administration. I have fortunate to acquire skills and knowledge in the many areas, such as; property management, accounting, leadership skills, real estate, policy development, governance, financial management and planning, proposal writing, supervisor training and first aid.

I have volunteered as President of York Lake Golf Course, President of Yorkton Friendship Center, Board Member on City of Yorkton Waste Management, President of Grace River Mission, Governance in Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Friendship Centres, YTC level, FSIN Level and AFN Level.

It has been a dream of mine to gain the knowledge of leading our Nation. I never forgot where I can from and wanted to give back to our community, that provided me the opportunity to go out into the work force and get the experience and education I need.

My vision is to unite a Nation that has been hurt by the past. To restore what was taken from us and that is our identity. To give our people a voice and to come together to build a future for the next generation. To move forward with a path that has been set by our past leadership. To continue to fight for our treaty rights and to teach our treaties and cultural language in our schools and community at large. To work towards self sufficiency and create employment for all members. To work towards a better health system, economic development, home ownership, through our resources. To build up the infrastructure with a new rink, new band office, roads, sports grounds, training centre, expansion on present economic ventures like Cote Market. Opportunities for our off reserve members in education, housing, employment, recreation. Youth development, Elder council, constitution, to govern our own land with equal opportunity and increase our land base for future agricultural and livestock ventures. To make our community a healthy place that will bring unity to our people.

I sit on all portfolios as an ex-officio. My hobbies include: hockey, golf, slow pitch, fishing, playing pool, singing and playing guitar.

I will leave you with my favourite quote: Treat others as you want to be treated. (That’s respect)

Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:
• Ex-officio on all Cote First Nation Boards, Committees and Portfolio’s
• Yorkton Tribal Council Health Commission
• Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Health Commission
• Treaty 4 Education Alliance
• FSIN Indian Gaming Regulators
• Yorkton Tribal Council Indian Child & Family Services
• White Buffalo Youth Treatment Lodge

Alvin “Sal” Cote

I was raised by my grandparents Leonard and Mable Cote. I am a graduate of Chief Gabriel Cote Education Complex in 1999. I was employed first by Cote First Nation in 2002 and a Night Watchman until 2007. I entered politics by running for Council unsuccessfully in 2007 and 2010. I was finally successful elected in 2013 and re-elected in 2016. I work with youth sports and community events. I am involved with the Justice portfolio for the first time this term. I held the Recreation portfolio from 2013-2016 and relieved myself of the portfolio to find a new direction in another portfolio. I love my community and I live and breathe Cote First Nation.

Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:
• Yorkton Parkland Housing
• Yorkton Tribal Council Justice Commission

Darrel Langan

Anin swikwa Kinawa, my name is Darrel Langan my parents are Henry Josph Langan and Marion Langan(nee Pelly). Born and raised on Cote First Nation I am married for 20 years to my lovely wife Enola Friday and with my son Vandel Friday My Grand parents’ are John, Mary Pelly.

I’ve been on pass council for my nation, my involvement with Pelly Haylands’ negotiations and Onekwak Land negotiation and more recently I am a trade person in the field of Plumbing on residential, commercial and Industrial field where I been working at it over the past 20 years.

I am honoured to serve my community, I value their input and trust, to bring forth their concerns and to look after the best interest if the Cote First Nation on all levels of governments. The values’ of my late Father instilled on me. In regards to our first and first most is the Spiritually And the Blessing we receive each and everyday and to be thankful for All we receive and to work hard no what the task.

Education is the one of the most important tools we as First Nations people need to use for the betterment of the people and our community as a whole.
Kichi Megwetch…
Councilor Darrel Langan

Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:
• Painted Hand Corporation Holdings
• Yorkton Tribal Council Housing Commission

Jaret Stevenson

Hello! My name is Jaret Stevenson, I grew up on Cote First Nation. My fathers name was Bryan Shingoose (Law) and my mothers name was Delores Stevenson. My wife’s name is Rachel Keshane and together we have five (5) children; Jaret, Jenaya, Brody, Bryan and Jade.

Prior to becoming a Councillor, I graduated grade 12 from CGCEC. While going to school I worked at the cote band store. After graduation I moved onto become a youth worker at the Pi-Kiwek Cote Group home. I worked there for 13 years.

Throughout all my life I have been sport orientated. I believe sports can help youth and young adults to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. I been involved in sports with youth for many many years. I enjoy doing this because I want to help them make a difference in their own lives.
As an elected official, I make myself available to membership. I am there for the people to voice their concerns and not only voice their concerns, but to act on them, as well. The portfolios that I am involved with are health, justice and recreation.
Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:
– Painted Hand Community Development Corporation
– Pikiwek Group Home

Jennifer Tourangeau

My parents are Mike and Sandra Tourangeau. My husband is Sheldon Chickeness. Together we have six (6) children, two daughters, four sons and one grandson. I lived on the reserve most of my life. I worked as a jack of all trades and master of none on this reserve. I was the manager of the Cote market the last six (6) years, prior to being on council. I am actively involved with our minor hockey program. I have been involved with horses al my life. In my first term as Council member, the portfolios that I am involved in are Economic Development, Lands and Capital portfolios. My goals include creating more opportunities for our community members.
Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:

  • Yorkton Tribal Council Economic Development Commission
  • Cote Market Board

Ketha Caldwell

Anin sikwa kinawa! My name is Ketha Caldwell, I have lived on Cote First Nation the majority of my life. My parents were the late John “Byrd” Shingoose and Noella “Polka” Cote. My grandparents were the late JD and Hilda Cote. I have seven children, 5 daughters and two sons (one deceased) and I have been blessed with 18 grandchildren with hopefully more to come.

I have worked with the youth and elders for the past 20+ years through recreation and culture. In my first term as Council member, I sit on Health, Education, Recreation, Finance and Communications portfolios. I was the first Grade 12 graduate from the Chief Gabriel Cote Education Complex. I went onto university to get my Business Administration Diploma from the University of Regina and have also obtained a Diploma in Addictions from SIIT.

Currently, I am working with youth and elders in our community.
Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:

  • Saulteaux Healing & Wellness Centre

Norinne P. Cote

Anin sikwa. I am honoured and thankful to be serving my first term on council for Cote First Nation. I have lived off reserve most of my life and I am proud to be a member of our band. I am a proud mother of four and a grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. Patrick G. Cote is my Father and served on Council for many years during the 70’s and was a Chief during the 90’s. He was a part of my grandfather’s (Tony A. Cote) team that help build and establish the Saskatchewan Indian Summer and Winter Games. These games helped many of us gain confidence and taught us the importance of healthy attitudes and minds.

I graduated from S.I.A.S.T. and S.I.I.T. with my diplomas in administration and accounting. My belief in education is a lifelong learning commitment therefore any opportunity to learn and grow I capitalize on. I have been involved in the finance and administration area for over 25 years working for the various First Nation organizations such as SIGA, YTC and YTCCFS. Most of my experience stems from the Child and Family Services program in the area of governance, administration, and program and service delivery. I have also sat on several boards and committees over the years. My passion has always been working with and for our First Nations people to help us improve our way of living and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue doing this work. I currently hold the Education, Justice and Finance & Audit portfolios and I’m excited to work with staff and community members to develop those areas.

I look forward to our future and being a part of a team that each brings to the table and our community, a unique array of knowledge, experience, creativity and heart to build up our people and strengthen our community.

Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:

  • Yorkton Tribal Council Treasury Board
  • Yorkton Tribal Council Justice Commission

Pamela Whitehawk

Pamela was born in Toronto on October 27, 1976. She holds Education portfolio. She worked hard towards her education completing her Degree in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Indigenous Studies with minor in Business Administration. After her studies she worked for Dakota Dunes Casino in finance for seven months. The former Post Secondary Coordinator of Cote First Nation asked her to apply for the job as he was going on medical leave. She applied for the position. After deliberation she decided to give back to her community and she accepted the position in January 2008. She continued to work in post secondary for nine years. Then took a break for almost a year moved up north, she enjoys the outdoors lake front view. In November 2015 moved on to Yorkton Tribal Council as a Enhanced Service Delivery North Career Advisor in Education. After serious deliberation she decided to run in the Cote First Nation elections as a councillor. In September 2016 she was successful candidate. She brings vast amount of knowledge in Education.

Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:

  • Yorkton Tribal Council Education Commission
  • Cote Market Board

Reynold “Guy” Cote

My wife is Eunice Ketechmonia-Cote. My daughters are Farrah Pelly (grandchildren are Courage, Precious and Michale), Heather Ketchemonia married to Amos McArthur (grandchildren are Harmony and Havana) and Brittney Ketchemonia (grandchildren are Storm and Summer Rain).

I lived on Keeseekoose First Nation for the 38 years. I am drug and alcohol free for the last 22 years. I am a non-smoker of tobacco and marijuana for life.

I have always worked for the Band in some capacity since age 17. I was a bus driver for 34 years and afterwards was a bus contractor for 16 years. I have been on Council for 14 years. I represented Cote in hockey and fastball for 30 years. I ran a very successful Stables. Ketchemonia-Cote Stables was #1 in Canada. I was a horse trainer for 23 years.

I saw this quote from late Gordon Tootoosis, “LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT SUBMISSION TO DUTY, NOT ELEVATION TO POWER” and strongly have that belief, still today.

I have always strived for accountability and transparency. I have always wanted a forensic. I have always wanted people to be empowered. I have always wanted the people to know, “THE PEOPLE ARE THE POWER”. I always went against greed and corruption. I strongly believe that Chief and Council should not benefit in any material things from band monies and should always be for membership. I strongly believe ALL MONIES (own source and band funds) and ALL LEDGERS should be openly known to membership for all to see. EVERY CHEQUE TO CHIEF AND COUNCIL SHOULD BE POSTED. The membership ought to know where and how much money the leadership is receiving (not only in audits) because not all money is audited.

Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:

  • Cote Resources Limited

Terry “Hoodoo” Keewatin

I grew up on Cote First Nation living the traditional lifestyle with my parents and grandparents. I am married to Natalie and have seven (7) children: Evan, Terrissa, Terry, Terran, Terrell, Trent and Terrenna and eight (8) grandchildren and one on the way. I have worked with all levels of government, First Nation, Provincial and Federal. In these areas, my work experience was primarily focused in the lands and resources area. I am in my second term as Council. My first term was 2004-2007. I am currently the Chairperson of the Capital portfolio. Working initiatives include pursuing community building upgrades, improvements to the roads, ensuring we have adequate heavy equipment to provide proper services to the community and to continue providing clean water to our community. I enjoy working towards the betterment of my community.
Boards/Commissions/Committee’s Representation are:

  • Cote Resources Limited

Thelma Severight

My parents are the late Delbert and Mabel Whitehawk. I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Attended St. Phillips school and Adult Education for my grade 12 many years ago. I also received my Certification for Community Health Representative (CHR). I worked at the band for 17 years as a Community Health Representative, working along side the Health Nurse was the best experience ever. During this time I also ran for the position of President for the Saskatchewan CHR Association and won, it was an awesome three years for me as President. When I was done that I decided to run for Councillor for Cote First Nation. I’ve always liked challenging jobs and being a councillor is a job that keeps me going every day. Being part of the team to get a treatment centre on the reserve was a job in itself. The pride I felt when we opened the doors for the first time. I will never forget that awesome feeling I felt. I lead a drug fee lifestyle and always will, I follow my Dad’s teaching “you must clean your own back yard before you try clean others”. It’s all about leading a clean lifestyle if we want to help our people!

Trevor Severight

As a newly elected councillor of Cote First nation, Trevor Severight sits on the Housing, Health, Lands, Economic Development and Capital portfolios. He was born to his late mother Lorena Severight in Winnipeg, MB. During his life growing up he did a lot of moving around. It was tough growing up as a child living poor and in an alcoholic and abusive home. Later, he was placed in foster homes after he lost his mother. He was raised by his uncle Darryl Cote, a former leader of the Cote First Nation. His uncle was tough but a fair man. Growing up on a cattle farm where every day was a learning day. It was really hard work Trever says but it prepared him for the outside world.

He went to school in Norquay, SK. Eventually got work running heavy equipment. This experience paved the road to construction jobs. He is good at working in this sector.

Trevor is a father of four girls and a very proud daddy. Being a leader on Cote has been a huge change in this life. Working for the people and helping his community is a real humbling experience for him. his beliefs are treating people fairly and having accountability, working hard to change his community into a positive place. Together we are working on some bug plans for the future and hope to make these plans a reality, so Cote First Nation can grow into prosperity.

Tyrone Keshane

I am a single dad to six (6) children; Amber, Mikey, Tyrone Jr., Vance, Ty Jr. and Bowe. My grandparents are Jean and Joe Keshane of Keeseekoose First Nation and late Emily “Cookie” Cote of Cote First Nation. I’ve been a traditional powwow singer for 28 years of my life. I was raised with respect. I am honest, loyal and a friendly person and proud to be from Cote First Nation.