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Income Assistance is a Program designated for a source of income as a last resort. Individuals living on reserve are entitled to apply for Income Assistance.

The common check list:

  • Valid Photo Identification – Applicant, Spouse & Children
  • Residing on Reserve – Head of Household Form
  • EI Verification is Scanned and Emailed to Service Canada – It’s then Mailed back which takes up to 10 days
  • Provincial Check – Carolyn Friday with AANDC (Faxed)
  • Bank Statements – Need Bank Statements Going back 30 days, Sometimes 90 if requested.
  • Caseplan-18-24 Must do this with ESD workers Denzil Ketchimonia @Stabilization Centre – 25 & over can complete forms by Cote Income Assistance
  • Assets Form – Declaring all assets a client a/o spouse has in their possession.

Mission: is to help clients move forward from this program, such as attain a grade 12, attend workshops, programs that are certification oriented (Food Handling Certificate, First Aid/CPR, Carpentry, etc.)

ISE-Initial Steps to Employment Begins every October 15th of each year and runs for one year. Resumes are asked to be in by September 1st.

-This program is for Income Assistance clients that want to enter the workforce, they will attain certifications, while there benefits from income assistance are flowed to the Employer/ Company and the Organization then tops up the wages.

Level of Care: I, II, III – Three types of levels, Must be assessed on a Medical Assessment form and given a diagnosis by a Physician.

Medical Report: Assessment made by a Physician on an individual’s health. Income Assistance Policy covers Calorie Diets for Diabetics, Chronic Illness (Hep C, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis. HIV, AIDS) Short Term & Long Term Disabilities, Pregnancy, Lactation, Dialysis, Food Supplements, High Protein Diets.

Special Needs: Covers Court Appointments, Exterminations, Employment Interviews, Employment Work Clothing, Furniture, Attend Family Member with Life Threatening Medical Condition etc.

Program Manager: Claudine Shingoose

Email: cshingoose@hotmail.com
Ph: 306-542-2694
Fax: 306-542-3735

Income Assistance Policy: Open document