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Cote First Nation is located north of the town of Kamsack, Saskatchewan and 16km west of the Manitoba Border totalling approximately 8,090 hectares (19,900 acres). The band has a current membership of 4,091 people with approximately 1161 living on reserve. Cote First Nation is one of the 6 First Nations that are members of the Yorkton Tribal Council and is also part of the Treaty Four. Saulteaux is the native language.

Anin Sikwa Cote First Nation Members,

On behalf of the membership of Cote First Nation in Treaty 4 Territory; I bring you greetings from the governance leadership. The past term has been challenging and I thank the Elders, Council, Staff, and Membership for their input and the work we are all doing to move forward.  Being re-elected has given me the opportunity to continue on with the vision I have to prepare a promising future for our next generations. 

With the recommendations of the Community Comprehensive Plan Survey done by the Membership, we have been working on a plan of action to meet the needs of our Nation. One of the main issues is Governance based on the Treaty and Inheritance rights for Cote First Nation; we are preparing a constitution and amendments to the election act to allow us to govern our own land which is being ratified by our membership. 
I am a strong supporter of protection for our Treaty rights and to ensure the Queen exercises the promises made to our Nation through the Government of Canada. I have confidence in our Elders, children, leaders, staff, and membership both on and off reserve that we shall be restored as a united nation. Thankful for al the prayers and ceremonies to bring this to pass. 
Our planning includes housing renovations and new housing, infrastructure improvements with our Capitol projects which has provided employment and economic development; youth development from our youth workers who are doing a great job, education is to include our history of Cote First Nation through culture and language, health and safety of our members with new programs in the future to help our the issues of mental health. Upgrades on the technology in our offices, school and other departments to be more efficient to our membership. The landfill will decommissioned to make room for our new transfer station which will be environmentally safe. I am thankful for the staff of Capital and Housing for cleaning up the sites of old buildings and the roads, grass cutting. All the training which was done for fire fighters, security, A1 drivers, summer student employment, and future programs coming for community improvements. There is some good work coming forth from all the portfolio council and staff which is carried on from past leadership. 
We have four land claims and one agricultural claim in negotiation; and hopefully these will be settled soon with an offer to be approved by the membership. There is a plan of action on how these claims will be utilized based on the surveys. Example; housing, buying land, new rink, new governance centre, farming our own land, language and cultural, infrastructure, elders lodge, and youth development. This plan will be presented to the membership to get further input and approval. Lot of good work being done and restructuring of our Governance and Administration to provide more opportunities of employment and training. In our planning we want to include opportunities for the off reserve membership in the areas of home ownership, and to continue to assist in any way our resources allow us to meet your needs. Your just as important as on reserve.
I would like to thank past leadership for their guidance and present council to work together and move forward. The Elders of our community are a blessing to give guidance and to give our youth hope through sports and education. Many great workers and volunteers to make this happen. 
I would like commend our membership for the way they came together and protect our own community through this Covid-19. Thank you for the prayers and challenges we been through to come together.
In closing, in protection of our Treaties with a constitution based on our own laws of the land, our Nation will have a governance structure to assist our future leaders to lead our Nation into restoration and prosperity. Cote First Nation has great resources in our own people of all ages both on and off reserve. Let’s make it work together in unity and not in division. It takes a community to raise a child. We can do this and in prayer we thank the Creator for all He provides. 
Chief George Cote
Cote First Nation

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