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COTE MARKET DEVELOPMENTS INC. is the corporate entity which is registered with Information Services Corporation, in Regina which operates COTE MARKET on Cote First Nation.

COTE MARKET is a full-scale grocery store, with a bakery, meat department, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, canned goods, some hardware items, frozen goods, tobacco products, lottery, diesel and unleaded fuels. In addition, some automotive products. The market employs close to 20 employees as the staff for Cote Market.

As an established business since 2010 Cote Market offers tax exemption for status card holders.

COTE RESOURCES INC. is the corporate entity registered in Alberta as an oil and gas development located 180 kilometers SW of Fort McMurray, and south of Wabasca-Desmarais, Alberta.
The actual property is called Cote/ McMullen, is it located next to Husky/ McMullen property. The Cote/McMullen property is classified as oil sands and as such, will benefit from a royalty holiday in the first stages of development.

The Husky/McMullen property will be used as a near perfect analogue (model) for the Cote property to assist in strengthening reserve calculations. Cote/McMullen property is only in development stages, not at the producing stage.