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Health Clinic

Cote First Nation Health Clinic
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Health Board:

Alvin Cote – Health Portfolio

Vincent Cadotte, Brian Shingoose, Tyrone Keshane, Pam Whitehawk, Daryl Langan, Robert Severight

The overall goal of the Cote First Nation Health Clinic is to provide the Cote First Nation members with access to health services and programs that meet the needs of our children and adults, to ensure that our community is safe and that it remains a healthy, natural place to live, to learn and to grow.

Our Vison: Creating a sustainable and prosperous community for our children. Cote First Nation strives to provide equal opportunities for all members of the community to develop, enhance, and succeed in economic growth while promoting the continued social, traditional, and spiritual development of its First Nation.

Creating a new legacy for our children: Our children will grow and become our next generation of leaders; decisions made today must take into consideration their future and that of their children’s children.

Our vision statement expresses how we view the future. It is a summary of our values and the goals for our community. Vision is very important in the context of moving forward, it is important to have an idea of what the future will look like.

Our goal is to create a legacy whereby today’s youth and future generations will have the opportunity to raise their families, create businesses, find employment, build homes, and educate their children in their home community. Our connection to the land is strengthened based on our ability to speak our language and embrace our culture .

Health is viewed in a wholistic medicine wheel model in Cote First Nation. Through meetings with community members, youth, and elementary students we have been able to identify the following health concerns. The most serious are:
• Addictions
• Grief & Loss
• Mental Health
• Poverty
• Poor Housing
• Strengthening Community

Cote First Nation health services along with the support of leadership aim to address the following concerns to revitalize and strengthen their membership as well as strengthen community:

The concerns brought forward are inter-connected and linked to unresolved issues. There are many causes for these health concerns which include the aftermath of residential school trauma, family breakdown, low self-esteem, depression and lack of cultural identity issues. Through the planning of activities and more focused program delivery, our goal is to improve health outcomes for the members of the Cote First Nation.

Currently, the following First Nation and Inuit Health Branch programs are being funded:
• Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
• Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
• Children’s Oral Health Initiative
• Building Healthy Communities: Mental Health
• Brighter Futures: Wellness
• National Native Alcohol and Drug Prevention: Addictions
• Youth Solvent Abuse Program: Addictions
• Healthy Living: Public Health (CHN & CHRs)
• Communicable Disease Control & Management: Public Health (CHN & CHRs)
• Immunization Prevention – Promotion and Education
• HIV/AIDS Prevention – Promotion and Education
• Home and Community Care
• Medical Transportation: Client Insured Services & Administration
• Health Research & Engagement
• Community Facilities O & M
• Headstart

Community Health Representative – Ramona Tourangeau
Email: ramanatourangeau@hotmail.com
Telephone: 306.542.4074

A community health representative provides quality health preventions in the community. Liaising between parents and families.

N. N. A. D. A. P.

The National Native Alcohol and Drugs Addictions Program or NNADAP on Cote First Nations consists of the NNADAP Coordinator Marion Whitehawk. The program is based at the Cote Health Clinic.

The purpose of the Cote NNADAP is to provide counselling to clients who are struggling with addictions and also to refer clients to detoxification and treatment centers in Saskatchewan. The NNADAP Coordinator and counsellor provide workshops to bring awareness on a variety of issues affecting the community such as family violence, prescription drug abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, substance abuse, cultural awareness, holistic healing and personal wellness.


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